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Lose | Loose (Answers)

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Select the answer that best fits the sentence.
1. You will never
if you never give up.

2. His pants were
after exercising.

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'Lose' is a verb meaning to no longer be able to find. 'Loose' is an adjective that means not firm or tight. As a verb, 'loose' means to set free or release.

Decent | Descent (Answers)

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1. My tribe is
, but I want to be friends with all tribes and promote peace to move forward into a world power.

2. The
to the river took two hours.

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'Decent' is an adjective meaning acceptable or passable, and it is used often for food or places and sometimes for people. 'Descent' means moving downward or falling.

Quiet | Quit | Quite (Answers)

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1. Remain

when elders are speaking to you to gain wisdom.

2. Never

when you're ahead, or even behind.

3. You're


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'Quiet' is a state of silence. 'Quite' is an adverb meaning totally or completely and was used more in past English, but not as much today. 'Quit' is a verb meaning to stop.

Minuet | Minute (Answers)

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1. Let's learn the
and perform it together.

2. We should wash our hands for a whole
, especially if we're around someone that's coughing.

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'Minuet' is a dance that moves gently and is graceful. A 'minute' is a unit of time equal to sixty seconds.

Dessert | Desert, (Answers)

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1. My favorite
is chocolate coconut milk.

2. If you get lost in the
look for water in a cactus.

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'Desert' is a noun or verb. The noun means a dry, barren area of land that is usually covered in sand. 'Desert' as a verb means to leave or abandon. 'Dessert' is a tasty treat eaten generally after a meal and is usually sweet.

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