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Time | Thyme (Answers)

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Select the answer that best fits the sentence.
1. The
to end human trafficking was years ago.

is a delicious herb that promotes health and cures coughs.

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'Time' marks the passing of hours and minutes. 'Thyme' is a tough herb whose leaves are used in cooking and teas, and is a member of the mint family.

Air | Heir (Answers)

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1. The
in PNG is alive with our spirit.

2. An
is not voted in by the people and can run countries poorly due to a lack of wisdom.

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An 'heir' is a person who gains control of a country through inheritance. 'Air' is the invisible gas we breathe and consists of the elements oxygen and nitrogen.

Warn | Worn (Answers)

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your friends about the harm in not getting the proper medicine.

2. The shoes are
from traveling.

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'Worn' is the past participle of wear, meaning to overuse. 'Warn' is to tell someone in advance of coming danger

Complement | Compliment (Answers)

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1. The tea was a
to the entire meal, and it can be grown in the higlands of Papua New Guinea.

2. She received a
for her ambition in being a passionate woman and an advocate for health.

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'Complement' is a noun meaning to complete, or it is used as a verb in the same way, such as to complete. A 'compliment' is a noun meaning to support or give positive praise.

Medal | Meddle (Answers)

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1. A
is given to those that achieve greatness.

2. If we
into the ways of the old we can form the ways of the new.

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A 'medal' is an award given to someone who has been seen as excellent eitehr in academia or sports. To 'meddle' is to interfer in someone else's affairs or business that you were not invited to interfer in.

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