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Missed | Mist (Answers)

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Select the answer that best fits the sentence.
1. I
class because I was sick, but I will go tomorrow after I get cured.

2. The
in the air makes the tree's leaves wet.

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'Missed' is the past tense of miss which means to not have caught or noticed something in time. 'Mist' is a cloud of small water drops hanging in the air.

Complement | Compliment (Answers)

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1. The tea was a
to the entire meal, and it can be grown in the higlands of Papua New Guinea.

2. She received a
for her ambition in being a passionate woman and an advocate for health.

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'Complement' is a noun meaning to complete, or it is used as a verb in the same way, such as to complete. A 'compliment' is a noun meaning to support or give positive praise.

Carrot. | Karats (Answers)

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1. She munched on a

2. The gold is forty
and can be sold for high prices to make money.

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A 'carrot' is an orange vegetable usually eaten in salad or by itself. A 'karat' is a unit of fineness for gold.

Do | Due | Dew (Answers)

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something small for your country and don't let your country do things for you.

2. When a mother is

to have a child, she should go to a healthcare facility.

3. The

drops coated the grass.

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'Do' is a verb, meaning to perform an action. 'Due' is an adjective meaning expected or planned for a certain time. 'Due' can also be in reference to what someone is owed, such as pay what is 'due'. 'Dew' is the moisture found in the morning.

Since | Sense (Answers)

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you're here, we can stop police brutality, an issue in Papua New Guinea.

2. I could
that eating veggies makes my immune system and body stronger.

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'Sense' is a noun meaning to perceive or feel something. 'Since' is an adverb meaning because of something.

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