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Carrot. | Karats (Answers)

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Select the answer that best fits the sentence.
1. She munched on a

2. The gold is forty
and can be sold for high prices to make money.

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A 'carrot' is an orange vegetable usually eaten in salad or by itself. A 'karat' is a unit of fineness for gold.

Flour | Flower (Answers)

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is used to make bread and delicious cakes.

2. When a
grows, the land becomes more beautiful.

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A 'flower' is the seed part of the plant. 'Flour' is powder made from grinding wheat.

Cent | Sent | Scent (Answers)

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1. A

is the beginning of making money and using it to start a business.

2. I

my brother to the hospital when he was in pain.

3. Follow the

of flowers to gather them.

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A 'cent' is a monetary value in America, Canada and other places. 'Sent' is the past tense of send and is a verb meaning causing to go or be taken. 'Scent' is a strong or distinctive smell.

Flew | Flu (Answers)

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1. The pelican
over the water.

2. The
can be treated at the hospital with medicine.

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'Flew' is the past of fly. The 'flu' is a viral infection of the respiratory system.

Feet | Feat (Answers)

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1. Your
will lead you wherever you need to go.

2. It will be a great
to lead Papua New Guinea into success and love.

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A 'feat' is an achievement that requires skill to complete. 'Feet' is the plural of foot.

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