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Genes | Jeans (Answers)

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Select the answer that best fits the sentence.
1. Our
pass our traits into future generations.

2. She made those
herself with her creativity and cloth.

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'Genes' is the plural of gene, a herditary unit that is passed to your offspring. 'Jeans' are a sturdy cloth worn on the lower body.

Cell | Sell (Answers)

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1. You can get locked into a
if you are violent or hurt people

2. Let us
our crops to make the economy thrive.

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To 'sell' is to exchange commodities for money. A 'cell' is a small room in a prison used to hold people.

Complement | Compliment (Answers)

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1. The tea was a
to the entire meal, and it can be grown in the higlands of Papua New Guinea.

2. She received a
for her ambition in being a passionate woman and an advocate for health.

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'Complement' is a noun meaning to complete, or it is used as a verb in the same way, such as to complete. A 'compliment' is a noun meaning to support or give positive praise.

Bait (Answers)

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1. Never
a crocodile; they can kill people.

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'Bait' is a verb meaning to provoke or taunt. 'Bait' is also a noun meaning food or an object used to intice fish or other animals. 'Bate' is the verb for when a bird beats its wings to get off a perch.

Ceiling (Answers)

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1. They looked up at the
and were grateful to have a home.

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A 'cealing' is the upper interior surface of a room. 'Sealing' means to close something or fasten it.

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